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We Let You Captain Your Fantasy Brigade

Balance batting, bowling, and gameplay in fantasy cricket.

Our passionate dedication drives us to not only teach and inspire players of all skill levels but also to guide them on a journey towards wealth, all while ensuring a delightful and entertaining atmosphere.


Create a Cricket Destiny in Fantasy Lands

Every match you play in the fantasy league makes history.


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How to Play!

Take The Strike To Strike Hard

Create winning spells, and follow the mystical saga.

Downloading the Supercricket app is easy and the registration process is hassle-free. A fantasy team can be assembled by selecting players from both opposing teams.

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Steps to Sign In!

Plot, Play, Prevail in Fantasy Cricket

Win fantasy cricket with quick decisions.


Download the Supercricket application on your device through the link available on our web platform.


To play the game, you must register by filling out the required information and verifying the documents.

Sign In

Use your credentials to sign in to the platform and participate in the contests listed on Supercricket.

Tips & Tricks!

Sustain On Field With Key Tips

Player value is crucial for success in fantasy cricket.

Analyze The Pitch Report

You must determine whether the pitch will result in a high or poor score. Consequently, you should select more bowlers or batters.

Trust Your Gut Feelings

When choosing players for your team, you must rely on your intuition in addition to skill, analysis, and game knowledge

Select Top-Order Batsmen

Choose middle-order batsmen and openers over lower-order batsmen because the latter may not receive a chance to bat.

Wicket-Taking Bowlers

Choose a bowler who has the potential to take wickets rather than one who will merely bowl efficient overs, for instance.

Track Recent Performance

Consider the players' potential and examine their past performance versus the opposition when selecting players for your fantasy team.

Find Your Perfect Match

The grand league pools tend to attract the majority of fantasy players, but do not enter competitions blindly without finding your suitable match.

Why Us!

Get Your Game On The Front Foot

Create a magical story of triumph with every match.

The Supercricket team has crafted a unique, immersive place for cricket enthusiasts that has the potential to change the way they experience the game.

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Master The Chessboard Of Cricketing Minds

Supercricket Build your own fantasy empire here


We Got The Grip Of The Game For You

Learn from players who have made smart cricket their own.

Supercricket has transformed my cricketing experience. The depth of gameplay, the real-time engagement, and the sense of community make it the ultimate fantasy cricket destination. It’s more than a game; it's a journey, and I'm loving every ball of it.


Having tried various fantasy cricket platforms, I can confidently say that Supercricket stands out. The innovative features, fair play commitment, and exciting winnings keep me coming back for more. It's the perfect blend of competition and fun.


Fantasy cricket has been a passion of mine for years, and Supercricket has only enhanced my experience. User-friendly interface, real-time updates, and diverse contests keep me coming back. My involvement in the cricket community is more than just a game.